About Us

I am an entrepreneur and owner of the design and advertising agency Satanko. My personal vision is to realize the projects and assignments of my clients every day with joy and pragmatism, always thinking one step ahead.

My great passion is technology, and I make it my duty to be fully aware of the latest developments and to pass this knowledge on to my customers. For this reason the Podcast-Blog was created. Because I am convinced that podcasting will be one of the most important instruments in the near future.

However, in order to get off to a successful start with a podcast, you need certain prerequisites. Just being able to talk well isn't enough. In my blog I show step by step how to position a podcast thematically, which technical aspects have to be considered and how to market the episodes correctly.

As a proponent of integral communication solutions, I always look at the podcast in its overall context.

I am happy about lively discussions and your feedback.


Josef Held



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